Understanding our cycle is understanding the way our body works. Knowing our cycle is knowing ourselves. Connecting to our cyclical rhythm is connecting to the rhythms of the earth + creation. Supporting others in reclaiming this knowing is my intention.



Cyclical Living is a workshop to explore the four phases of the menstrual cycle. The permission to flow with our natural rhythm isn’t something many of us have been given as we are cyclical beings living in a non-cyclical world. This workshop will cover the hormonal, emotional and energetic components to each phase through a blend of open discussion, reflection + meditation.


I love teaching in this format. The opportunity to speak openly about our bodies and the changing emotions, experiences, and stories that come with moving through the menstrual cycle is an important element of this work. Creating a space that feels educational, transformative and safe to share and receive is my priority. The cyclical living workshop is for any human who menstruates or who has menstruated.