Attending Sam’s workshop helped me to connect to the power of menstruation, as she shared knowledge not often discussed due to cultural shame and conditioning. Equally passionate and soft, she held space beautifully for us to open to ourselves and each other.
— Alison, Byron Bay
Sam’s Cyclical Living workshop was truly life changing. She cultivates a space that allows you to be raw without feeling pressured to share, creating a safe environment to learn and be open about your body. She is clearly knowledgeable in her field and what she supports her insights with science. I’m shocked women aren’t taught any of this this in school - I’ve been menstruating for 12 years and am only just now learning how to take advantage of my cycle. She also provides tangible takeaways to start living more in tune with your body. No matter how old you are, I’m confident you’ll benefit from Sam’s workshop.
— Sarah, Los Angeles
A few weeks ago I had the good fortune to connect with Samantha and finally begin what feels like vital (in all senses of the word) learning. I am the better for it. My mind is blown even by the basic science that was never taught to me in school. The science of living as a woman which, when understood, can be channelled effectively and nurtured into creative power.

Samantha’s knowledge runs deep, yet is shared in the most loving and humble way. One of her most potent ideas for me is that in amongst a transient and often uncertain lifestyle like my own, my relationship with my cycle can actually become my one reliable constant; my common thread; my anchor. Not only that, but with time, recognition, and attention, it can become my guide. It’s my blueprint for living, already encoded in my DNA.
— Natalie, United States
Sam’s workshop was profoundly invigorating and grounding. It is evident that she has a deep knowledge and passion for women and our cycles. She seamlessly bridges the scientific and the spiritual, allowing the group to feel connected and empowered by their cycles and each other. Sam has tapped into something sacred and I hope that all women have the chance to share this special space with her.
— Aurora, Los Angeles.
Following Sam’s cyclical living workshop, I couldn’t believe how long I had lived with such a disconnection from my menstrual cycle. Through this beautiful workshop I learnt to flow with the natural rhythm of my cycle and honour its four phases and the hormonal, energetic and emotional components that are so intertwined with both the seasons and the moon. Sam, through her genuine warmth and kindness guides you back to what it means to be a woman and connects you back to the rhythm of life. I cannot wait to pass this information onto my young daughters (and son) so that their relationship with their cycle begins with respect and empowerment.
— Natalie, Gold Coast
It was such a beautiful experience! I found the workshop to be powerful in bringing awareness to the magic of our cycle. I left feeling inspired and empowered to better respect the gift of menstruation and with a deeper understanding of how my cycle impacts my life. It changed the way I think about my body and the rhythms that I move through. The workshop held space so beautifully for us to develop a deeper understanding of our bodies. Thank you for bringing this information out into the world!
— Cassidy, Sydney
Sams menstrual awareness workshop invites us to connect with our cycles on a deeper, more innate level. She delves deeply into the way we flow through each phase which is not so different to the earths seasons or the moons cycle, and how by listening deeply we can work with our bodies to flow through each of these phases more harmoniously. Sam has provided me with all the essential information I need to honour my body during each phase of my cycle. Her workshop was a special experience, a gathering of women of different ages, experiences and understandings, and a space where we could lean into our power all together.
— Dani, Byron Bay
Samantha holds a beautiful space for all women interested in reconnecting with their cycles. To be honest I wasn’t sure to expect - I came in at the recommendation of a dear friend and was pleasantly surprised. Her work is fascinating and important. She is reawakening the knowledge that we’ve suppressed for too long - the inner knowings that our ancestors want us to remember. I believe she holds a bright future in this space - daughters, mothers, sisters, and friends - this is something to celebrate and share.
— Maya, Sydney
Sam’s workshop has helped me to fully reconnect to my body. After many years of hating the second half of my cycle and PMS, I now am able to welcome this phase of my cycle. I’ve learned tools and rituals that help me to stay connected and love my body in each phase. I would recommend this workshop to every woman that has not yet fallen in love with their menstruation!
— Lisa, Byron Bay
I recently attended Sam’s workshop on Holistic Menstrual Cycle Education and I am so deeply grateful to have shared space with her and the other women. Sam delivers her work in a calm and nurturing way. She provided us with insight into the fundamental truths of our menstrual cycles and their connection to the cycles of the moon, the seasons, the flow of the earth and creation. I left this workshop feeling empowered. Sam ignited a fire within me, giving me the extra push to go deep into my own journey of what my cycle means and how I wish to connect and honour it. We all have our own wisdom within. Sam provided us with the key and courage to unlock it, opening a doorway into our birthright of deep connection, healing and ancient womanly wisdom.
— Katie, Gold Coast
Sam’s workshop was exactly what my mind, body and soul needed. It felt like she was sharing information my ancient body already knew, but delivered in such an easy to understand and applicable way.
— Kelly, Sydney