I’m inspired by the intelligence of the body. As a menstrual activist and educator, I teach holistic cycle education and facilitate 1:1 sessions, workshops and community circles in Australia and the U.S.

Once a law student in downtown Los Angeles, my story is one that includes years of taking the contraceptive pill, many cycles of intense period pain and a profound disconnection from my body and its rhythms. Connecting to my cycle was my doorway into a new of relating.

My passion for this work developed shortly after learning there is a cyclical rhythm powering our lives. To understand that we move through life in phases, which influence the way we show up in the world, was a revelation. What felt basic and fundamental to living in this female form had never come up in my 18 years of formal education. This is what fuels me to share. I believe this information is our birthright and a powerful tool in our homecoming.

Originally from Venice, California, I now reside (mostly) in Byron bay, Australia.