Yoga Sequence for Menstruation

Using as many props as you'd  like to create an experience of  deep opening and relaxation with safety and support. Forward folds to ground energy and supine/seated postures to create space in the belly and pelvic area to ease feelings of heaviness and congestion.

Hold each for at least 3 minutes and focus on lengthening the exhale to double that of the inhale. Ideal sequence for those who suffer from cramps and discomfort.

Some overall guidelines about practicing while bleeding

Movements to include: Ones that keep the belly soft and open, ones that help facilitate the natural downward movement of energy that occurs when menstruating (in yoga we call this force Apana), and movements that are grounding, soothing and ultimately restful. 

Movements to avoid: Closed twists, strong abdominals, dynamic vinyasa, inversions, pelvic floor exercises, strong backbends (the lower back is more vulnerable at this time because of the hormone relaxin being produced), heating yang pranayama.