Menstruation is a Sacred Right

Hormonal contraception is a charged topic. I understand that for some, it is the best current option and I honor that choice. My intention in this article is to share my research on hormonal contraceptives and their impacts on the body and female cycle. This is the information I wish I was given before prescribed the pill at 16.

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Q + A with Arnhem Clothing

There is a beautiful intelligence to the rhythm of life. Our menstrual cycles are one way of experiencing this. In our current world, we are extremely disconnected from this rhythm. Slowing down, honouring our needs and listening to the body are forms of activism in a world that bows down to the ‘busy god’. They are ways of rebelling against the fast-paced, productivity-driven world that is only made possible by the extreme mistreatment of the earth’s resources.

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samantha neal