·      weaving menstrual cycle awareness into everyday life

·      understanding the hormonal, emotional and
energetic components to each phase

·      a holistic approach to menstrual pain

·      deepening your relationship to your cycle

·      understanding premenstrual intensity

·      practical tools for dropping into the body

·      learning to navigate your cycle with a partner

·      ways to embrace your bleeding time

·      incorporating phase-specific rituals

·      exploring your shift in sexual energy throughout the cycle

·      feeling empowered in your body

·      boundaries and the communication of needs

·      cultivating your relationship to intuition

·      cycle supportive herbal allies

·      the connection between your menstrual cycle and your creative self

·      self love and self care with each phase

·      cycle awareness and its connection to environmental and social justice


The format of cycle sessions are free flowing as they vary with each individual. At the core of this work is the development of a respectful responsiveness to the subtle + not so subtle shifts we journey through each month. Each session is followed with an email including practices, journal prompts, meditations and any other relevant content.

Cycle sessions are available via distance or in person in Byron Bay.

One 75 minute session is $75 USD.

Or, an option of a program of 3 sessions which meet once monthly for three moons. I have found that three months give some needed space and time to reflect and integrate the material. This program is $210 USD and each session is 60 minutes.

If these amounts are currently out of reach, please let me know and I would be happy to accept a payment plan.