Holistic Menstrual Education

with Samantha Neal


Understanding our cycle is understanding the way our body works.

Knowing our cycle is knowing ourselves.

Connecting to our cyclical rhythm is connecting to the rhythms of the earth and creation.

Menstruating humans change everyday. We move through life in phases that follow a cyclical pattern. However the permission to flow with our natural rhythm isn’t something many of us have been given. While our bodies are cyclical, our modern world is not. Despite the strong cross-cultural conditioning around menstruation and intentional shame that has been layered over this fundamental process, our menstrual cycle is our greatest ally and resource.

I see the menstrual cycle as our own internal guidance system, supporting us in self-discovery, empowerment, healing, connection and creativity. I see our cycle as an essential indicator of our health and wellbeing. I see this awareness as radical self love, as an authentic orientation point for experiencing the world, and as a quiet act of rebellion against a patriarchal mentality that encourages the disconnection and disrespect of the menstrual rhythm. Supporting others in reclaiming this knowing is my intention.

As a menstrual activist and educator, I teach holistic cycle education and facilitate 1:1 sessions, workshops and community circles in Australia and the U.S.



Attending Sam’s workshop helped me to connect to the power of menstruation, as she shared knowledge not often discussed due to cultural shame and conditioning. Equally passionate and soft, she held space beautifully for us to open to ourselves and each other.
— Alison, Byron Bay
Following Sam’s cyclical living workshop, I couldn’t believe how long I had lived with such a disconnection from my menstrual cycle. Through this beautiful workshop I learnt to flow with the natural rhythm of my cycle and honour its four phases and the hormonal, energetic and emotional components that are so intertwined with both the seasons and the moon. Sam, through her genuine warmth and kindness guides you back to what it means to be a woman and connects you back to the rhythm of life. I cannot wait to pass this information onto my young daughters (and son) so that their relationship with their cycle begins with respect and empowerment.
— Natalie, Gold Coast
Sam’s Cyclical Living workshop was truly life changing. She cultivates a space that allows you to be raw without feeling pressured to share, creating a safe environment to learn and be open about your body. She is clearly knowledgeable in her field and what she supports her insights with science. I’m shocked women aren’t taught any of this this in school - I’ve been menstruating for 12 years and am only just now learning how to take advantage of my cycle. She also provides tangible takeaways to start living more in tune with your body. No matter how old you are, I’m confident you’ll benefit from Sam’s workshop.
— Sarah, Los Angeles


Bachelor of Arts, Sociology & Business, University of Oregon

200 hr Traditional Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, The Practice Bali

40 hour Womb Yoga Training with Uma Dinsmure-Tuli, PhD

80 hr Yoga for Women Teacher Training, Bliss Baby Yoga

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, Assistant to Japan Trainings, Bliss Baby Yoga

Yoga for Teens Teacher Training, Byron Yoga Centre

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, Bliss Baby Yoga